Lylux Cordless And Bladeless Hair Dryer Review

Lylux Cordless And Bladeless Hair Dryer Review

We`re seeing a constant circulation of recent merchandise for non-public and domestic use that every one use the "clever" qualifier to signify how smart they're due to the fact they hook up with the Internet. Things do not must be connected, however, to be useful. Sometimes, all it takes is the smart and innovative mixture of cutting-edge technology to offer a greater handy and more secure experience. That's the easy pleasure that the Lylux Hair Dryer is promising with the aid of using setting collectively bladeless fans, cordless operation, and clever sensors to make drying hair even much less of a hassle.

Design and Safety

A lot of factors are going wi-fi in recent times however that does not imply you want to hook up with a few wi-fi community to be useful. Even the easy case of casting off a electricity wire from the equation already has a large implication in phrases of comfort and protection.

Ditching the wire frees customers now no longer handiest to transport round however additionally carry the Lylus hair dryer wherein it is needed. More than that, however, it additionally eliminates the risks of children and animals tripping over cords, doubtlessly injuring themselves or adverse the dryer.

It would not with out costs, though. Since the electricity that drives the Lylux comes from the integrated rechargeable battery, that still method that the hair dryer is heavier than traditional dryers. And at the same time as the dyer itself is cordless, its charging base is not and you may want to carry that together with you on lengthy trips farfar from domestic.

The Lylux's protection would not simply come from having no cords, though. By additionally throwing out blades, Lylux additionally absolutely eliminates the chance of hair getting stuck inside. It additionally makes use of a few different clever (now no longer connected) layout elements, like a smoothing nozzle that magnetically attaches to the dryer with a fulfilling click.

Performance and Battery

All of that layout savvy and cutting-edge tech capabilities might be for naught if the Lylux could not carry out simply as nicely or maybe higher than traditional hair dryers. The excellent information is that it without a doubt provides on maximum of its promises. That said, it would additionally take a few adjusting to the manner it does matters in comparison in your run of the mill equipment.

Boasting of a motor that runs at 100,000 rpm, the Lylux is without a doubt very strong. It can pump out air effectively and, way to 3 pace settings and  temperature options (warm or cold), you could pick the electricity which you want. The magnetic nozzle additionally helps you to direct that airflow in the direction of a greater focused vicinity if needed.

Air electricity, however, is handiest a part of what hurries up drying. Heat additionally performs an critical position and that is wherein matters can get a chunk debatable. The Lylux would not get as warm as different hair dryers and that is absolutely with the aid of using layout. It boasts of an "smart sensor" for temperature manipulate that caps the warmth to 104° F (40° C) which could simply be a chunk under what a few is probably used to.

Lylux's designers argue, however, that drying hair at better temperatures finally ends up absolutely adverse it withinside the process. With warmth and at max pace, it takes eight mins to dry lengthy hair. Of course, it takes longer, round 18 mins, to do the identical with out warmth and at that identical pace.

There's additionally the chance that Lylux opted for a greater slight temperature cap to squeeze out as a whole lot use that it could from the 54Wh battery. Eventually, however, you'll want to recharge it on its stand for approximately an hour to get it to full. It's every other way of life extrade that proprietors will want to get used to, lest they recognise in the course of the morning rush that their trusty dryer is dry out of electricity.


Some matters do not want to be too complex or too superior to emerge as handy and useful. Sometimes, all it takes is the imaginitive mixture of already set up and nicely-examined technology to show an antique concept right into a cutting-edge comfort. The Lylux hair dryer is testomony to that line of thinking, stringing collectively small improvements to create an entire this is more than the sum of its parts.

The Lylux cordless hair dryer is presently on Kickstarter wherein it simply blasted via its modest investment purpose in much less than a day.

Early birds can attempt to snatch one for a Kickstarter unique of $169 if they are speedy enough. The product is anticipated to move on retail with a $298 charge tag after the crowdfunding campaign.

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